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The SAR is all muscle and specially built for SERE/E (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Extraction/Escaping).  The custom recurve blade style in a 'S-type' shape creates an exaggerated forward belly that helps the operator easily slice and chop their way out of a situation.  The grooved section on the SAR’s spine gives a better non-slip surface when applying pressure to the blade with the thumb.  The SAR is made with our special blend of titanium, which has very superior wear resistance and is “thru-hardened” to Rockwell C 47, while still maintaining its flexibility.  This knife will never rust or corrode.  All SARs are first run knives with serialized tangs making them highly collectable.

Material :   Titanium
Blade Length :   7.00"
Thickness :   .250" 
Weight :   11.2oz 
Hardness :   RC 47 
LoMu :   YES
Handle Length :   5.50" 
Overall Length :   12.50"
False Edge :   3.00" 


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