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The MPK12-A2 is an extreme heavy-duty knife good for the survivalist or outdoorsman, as well as all military and law enforcement missions.  All MPKs include the famous dual lock system of snap and rubber D-ring on a custom Hytrel sheath to be worn on the leg or thigh. This version of the MPK is made using A2 tool steel hardened to 58RC, providing exceptional toughness and avoiding the edge chip-out problems associated with steels fully hardened to 61RC+.  The handle material is Hytrel/Kevlar mixture, injection molded onto a full tang which prevents handle separation even when subjected to extreme stress.  The MPK12-A2 is approximately 12” in length, .250” thick, partially serrated or plain with handle colors in standard black or high visibility orange for Coast Guard or other underwater use.  Tough enough to chop firewood, pound nails and ask for more!

Material :   A2 Steel
Blade Length :   7.00"
Thickness :   .250" 
Weight :   11.6oz 
Hardness :   RC 58 
LoMu :   NO
Handle Length :   5.00" 
Overall Length :   12.00"
False Edge :   3.00" 


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