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Lifetime Sharpening Service

Mission Knives offers a lifetime sharpening service on all of our blades. This service is free for the life of the tool. We only ask that you pay any incoming/outgoing shipping charges. Here's how to take advantage of this service:

  • Send us an email at info@missionknives.com or call us at (714) 907-0505 to request sharpening service.
  • Be sure to pack your blade in a manner to prevent it from puncturing the packaging and causing damage to handlers. Shipping it in a sheath is the best method.
  • Choose a carrier whom issues tracking numbers for packages.
  • Send well packaged products to:
    Mission Knives, Inc.
    ATTN: Sharpening Service
    7130 Fenwick Ln. Westminster, CA 92683
  • Include a letter with your full name, address and daytime contact phone number inside your package.

Upon receipt, we will inspect your product and schedule it into production for sharpening and clean up. We will contact you by phone when the service is complete to process payment for return shipping charges.

Mission Knives will make a best effort attempt to improve the condition of your knife. If we determine that we cannot improve the condition of your knife, we will notify you by phone and return your tool with no additional shipping charges.

PLEASE NOTE: Sharpening involves removing material to regain the cutting edge on a blade. Over time, a knife edge that has been used and sharpened numerous times may change visually or dimensionally from the original form.



It is highly recommended that a conical, non-magnetic and waterproof DIAMOND sharpener be used to sharpen both the blade and the serrations of your Mission knife.


  • Keep the blade at an approximate 20 degree angle constantly while sharpening.
  • Sharpen ONLY one side until a "burr" develops.
  • Sharpen the OTHER side until a "burr" develops.
  • Alternate sharpening sides at an increased angle (approximately 25 degrees), while using progressively lighter and lighter pressure until the “burrs” are removed.


  • Sharpen ONLY the front (angled) face of the serrations and NEVER the back (flat) side of the serrations.
  • Use the original angle to develop a burr.
  • Wipe the burr off the back by lying the sharpener flat against the back of the blade and make one or more passes to actually “cut” the burr off the back of the serration.

NOTE: Using a sharpener not certified as non-magnetic or any sharpener that was used to sharpen any type of steel or other magnetic material can create the potential for magnetic contamination of the knife blade via magnetic material cross-contamination. Use only the non-magnetic Mission Knives model# NMS-DIA-CONE sharpener on your Mission Knives titanium cutting tools to maintain their LoMu condition.