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The SAR is all muscle and specially built for SERE/E (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Extraction/Escaping). This knife has a custom recurve blade style in a 'S-type' shape which creates an exaggerated forward belly that helps the operator easily slice and chop their way out of a situation. The grooved section on the SARs spine gives a better non-slip surface when applying pressure to the blade with the thumb. The SAR is made with our special blend of titanium, which has very superior wear resistance and is thru-hardened to Rockwell C 47, while still maintaining its flexibility. This knife will never rust or corrode. The SAR is available in approximate 13" length, .250" thickness, plain edge with choice of G10 composite material or aluminum handles and titanium hardware. All SARs are first run knives with serialized tangs making them highly collectable.